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Majority of the gay bars & clubs in Istanbul are catering after midnight. Although they open their doors by 22:00-23:00 o'clock, the action does not start before midnight. (Click here to see pre-club bars). Without exception, the music is loud in all of these after-midnight clubs; playing a mixture of Turkish pop, western pop, techno and underground music in turns. There are no dark rooms in any of them for action, but usually kissing, hugging etc. is well tolerated. 

Saturday nights are busiest nights everywhere. Friday nights are also busy if not as much. Tuesday and Wednesday nights would be busier in comparison to the other mid-week nights, but this also depends on special events organized in each venue. Mondays would be the least busy night of the week when some trendy gay-clubs would be closed completely. The gay bars and clubs would also be busier in winter than summer season. Local people living in Istanbul go on summer holidays to resorts in Southern Turkey. Consequently, Istanbul's gay night life becomes more quiet especially in July and August when some venues may close their doors for a few weeks for renovation and restoration.

Most gay bars/clubs in Istanbul require entrance fee on Saturday nights and sometimes on Friday nights, but you can get one "local drink" with your ticket. Actually, the gay bars are not very cheap in Istanbul. So, do not think that they are overcharging you because you are a tourist. The price of one drink ranges approximately between 5-8 Euros for local drinks, 10-15 Euros for "imported drinks" (such as Whiskey, Malibu, Safari, cocktails etc.)

The bars would accept Euros or Dollars for payment but they apply lower currency rates. Do not take this personal again, because they do the same to Turkish clients as well, if they try. Some venues would accept payments with credit cards, but not all. So, have some Turkish liras on you when you go out, to make it easier.

Typically, there are several security guys waiting at the door of each gay bar/club. They look like mafia types, but do not be scared. They are there to stop some unsolicited visitors, definitely not gay tourists. You will be well respected in any gay venue, not only because you have money but because -if not all- majority of the Turkish people have a kind of appreciation for western people/culture. Security guys (often called body-guards) also take care of the cloakrooms and would insist you to leave your bags, jackets and coats in winter season, for which you will have to pay usually when you leave. Of course, they will give you a number for the cloakroom.


2012 Istanbul Pride March

You will notice that almost all gay bars and clubs are located in Taksim & Beyoglu. Do not get confused with Taksim and Beyoglu districts, when you see the venue addresses. The official municipality is called Beyoglu (historical Pera district) Taksim is just the central neighborhood of Beyoglu, at the northern end of the town and Istiklal Caddesi (very famous pedestrian avenue). The area starting from Taksim Square all the way down to the Golden Horn (narrow estuary/bay locally named Halic "read=Hullich") on the southern-end are all within Beyoglu municipality borders. That is, if the address contains Taksim, the place should be closer to the north of Beyoglu.

Useful tips for finding the addresses:

Cad. = Caddesi (read: Jad-de-see) = Main street/avenue

Sok. = Sokak= Side street or small lane/alley.
Ilkyaz Apt. = Ilkyaz Apartment, name of the building, if there is one.
Kat: 3 = On the 3rd Floor
No:23/4 = Here 23 Refers to the number of the building on that street. It follows as 2,4,6... , on one side, 1,3,5... on the other side of the street. 4 refers to the number of the flat/apartment/floor
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Gay Night Clubs in Istanbul.

Tekyon Club
Address: Siraselviler Caddesi (street) No: 63/1 Taksim/Beyoglu. Istanbul.

Web: &
Already very popular gay club of Istanbul has moved to a new and much bigger place on Siraselviler on May 26th 2009 and has become the talk of the town where everybody is rushing to see. The prices are average The venue is very big for the capacity of gay nightlife in Istanbul and consequently it is getting less crowded especially during the week-in days but it is almost always very very busy on Friday and Saturday nights, including its big back-garden which is a chance for smokers.  It was once popular venue especially for local bears, but attracts a completely mixed crowd now. The waiters are very feminine and friendly in this bar, probably to entertain their loyal clients. Male belly dancer and simple drag shows performed by the bar staff can be fun to see, usually on Tuesday nights after 01:00 am, and there are various show on weekend nights including a go-go show (sometimes even a bear version of it).
Tekyon is very flexible with cover charges and cloakroom rituals compared to other gay clubs in Taksim.

Drag show at Tekyon, Shows are available every Tuesday

Visitor comments about this venue

"We were there on a Friday & Saturday night in early September, 2011 and had a great time both nights. No cover charge. Drinks were reasonably priced. The place got full both nights around 1. The music was mostly pop and Turkish pop unfortunately with only one or two house tracks. Big dance floor. Large outdoor terrace/smoking area. Fun people - including many tourists from Italy and the Middle East. All ages, shapes and sizes of men but definitely a lot of facial hair. Friday night, there was a bear dance show - a large local hairy guy who had a lot of fun on the stage. Saturday night there was a gay belly dance show for about 15 minutes. Definitely fun. Safe. I would go back in a heartbeat." (Posted by Matsumura on September 10th 2011)

"I've been in Istanbul in September 2011, and had to visit some venues advertises in some guide websites. For me the best clean place was definitely the club Tekyon, because the staff is very friendly starting by it's manager. They really care about you when you are foreigner. The cheeky bar, is also convenient for the after nights time, but you will find out mostly escort boys and not from the best quality. Tekyon is definitely the best place with a very good Dj and a mix of different kind of peoples" (Posted by Marc from France on September 23rd  2011)

Super Fabric  (23:00 - 05:00)

Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:42 Elmadag / Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey - Google Map


Although it was opened recently in late October 2014, Super Fabric is not new to gay night clubbers living in Istanbul. The manager of Super Fabric is the same person who was in charge of X-Large, the club which brought the professional shows to Istanbul's gay nightlife. Likewise, Super Fabric is taking its place with very professional concept shows in European standards. They usually charge entrance fee on Friday and Saturday nights, and although it is a little over average it might be worth when you consider the quality of the shows. It is located at some 10 minutes walking distance to the north of Taksim Square somewhere on Cumhuriyet Caddesi avenue that goes towards Harbiye / Sisli districts, roughly across from Konak Hotel. Please note that the entrance gate is not facing the main avenue. It is on a very small blind-street off the Cumhuriyet Caddesi. Super Fabric is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.




Love Club - 23:00 - 05:00 (Friday-Saturday)
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi no: 349 Harbiye Istanbul. Google Map 
Web:  &

This night club is located in Harbiye district, on the main avenue about 15-20 minutes walking distance to Taksim Square. It is better to take a texi after midnight. An honest taxi ride should cost round 5 lira (2-3 Euros). It is open on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday is the most busy night and there are some good shows usually. They are rigid about the admission fee on Saturday nights. The tickets are around 10-15 Euro but you will get 1 drink with it, which is a typical price and practice in similar clubs. If it is the first time you are going there it is hard to notice the venue at first sight. The entrance is on a very narrow street, down the steps from the main avenue. It is just round the corner of a linens shop called English Home, which is easier to notice with a big obtrusive sign-board. If you take taxi from Taksim tell the driver that you will get off at "Askeri Muze" /Military museum in Harbiye. The club is across the main street with respect to Askeri Muze building.

Comments about this venue:
 "Your site's review of Love Dance Point is totally wrong. The venue is located on one of the biggest avenues of Istanbul and it is not dangerous at all. It is totally gay and packed at weekends. Your review looks as if it is not popular and not gay at all. Totally misdirecting!
(posted by Hakan from Turkey on Jan 06, 2012)

Club  (23:00 - 05:00)

Address:  Buyukparmakkapi Sokak  No 26 (entrance floor) Taksim-Beyoglu/Istanbul


A brand new gay club opened in late July, 2024 by the owners & managers of Pinokyo Cafe Bar at the entrance floor of the same building.  Similar to other gay clubs, they are busy after midnight, and especially on Saturday nights. They organize a variety of shows including Go Go Boys and Go Go Girls.

Club 17  -  23:00-05:00
Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Zambak Sokak  No:17, Taksim, Istanbul
Meeting point of mainly cheap young hustlers & amateur escort boys and some gay men who would be interested in them. There are also several drag queens and transvestites in the place most of the time. They play loud techno & underground music from their lousy music system but it is a busy place usually full of these hustlers. Beware of the boys you pick up from here. As long as you are aware of these facts, it may be fun to go there to observe the underground gay-culture of the city
for some people.

Club Cheeky
 -  01:00-07:00
Address: Tarlabasi Bulvari No: 32  Taksim, Istanbul.

The venue was already popular when it changed its address and moved to the place of another popular gay club (Ekoo Club) in mid 2014. This is a morning-club open on Fridays and Saturdays and not busy before 03:00 am, intending to catering LGBT people after all other clubs closes down. They are very strict about  entrance charge which is a over average (apprx 15 Euro), but still it is usually very busy on weekend days. You can see a mixture of gays, bears and even few rent-boys and even transvestites. It is located very close to Taksim Square, next to Cartoon Hotel. It had a small darkroom in the previous venue which was is the main reason of its popularity. The terrace floor of the new venue is expected to function like that.


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The venues which no longer exist

Following venues has been closed-down completely for various reasons. We are listing them just to let people know because they are still being listed on many other internet websites and gay guide books, including Spartacus. Please note that our website is edited by local people living in Istanbul and updated frequently with the latest information about the gay venues in Istanbul which you can not find anywhere else.

Neo Club - Closed down since 01 Jan 2015
Sugar Cafe - Closed down since 24 Jan 2015

Elysion - Opened and closed in a short time in early 2015.

Ekoo Club - Closed down in late 2014

Frappe Bar (Taksim) - Closed down in early 2014

Club Prive- Changed name as No-name. Same owners but now a trans club

Other Side- Changed name as Penthouse Club, then closed for good

Deja Vu - Closed down in mid 2010
Barbahce - Closed down in early 2010
Queen Bar - Closed down in late 2009

Following gay venues has been closed-down (or they have totally changed their gay concepts) at least 5 years ago some of which may still be listed on several international gay website:  

Yesil Bizans, Kutu Bar, Club 14 (Ceylan's), Machine, Club 12, Shake-in Bar, Degirmen Pub, Ajda Club, Secret Club, Exit Club, Purple Club, Gabile Club, Hot Point (TT'S) Cafe, B Club,  Bubble, Pincur's Cafe, Tantana Bar, Altenatif Club, Oz Club, Club 99, Hans Bar, Telve, Club Barisik. Rouge Bar, Inside Cafe


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