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LGBT Shops


Limbo Concept

Address: Istiklal Cad. No:108/11 , Zemin Kat, Aznavur Pasajı, Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

The first and only LGBT shop in Turkey opened in early 2014. This small and lovely shop is located at the basement floor of Avnavur Pasaj. Aznavur Pasaj is well-known historical shopping mall on Istiklal Avenue near Galatasaray square which houses mostly souvenir shops. They sell variety of textile and other LGBT products which are hard to find elsewhere in Istanbul such as various souvenirs and rosettes designed for LGBT people, rainbow flags, home accessories, lighters, wristbands, candles, earrings and other ornaments, underwear, jeans, t-shirts, products designed for especially for bears etc. It would be nice of you to support this small gay business if you intend to buy a small presents for your friends from Istanbul before going back home... 

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Gay-friendly Erotic Shops


Kirmizi Erotic Shop
A chain of adult shops selling various sex toys, erotic accessories, underwear's. They also sell various adult/erotic products for gay men.

Beyoglu Branch
Open 09:00 am-20.30 pm
Address: Istiklal Caddesi No 99 Kat 1 Beyoglu, Istanbul
Phone: +90 (212) 292 3 292 local call: 292 3 292

Mecidiyekoy Branch
Akinci Bayiri Sok. Kesmen Han No:2 Kat 1 no:1 Mecidiyekoy
Phone:(+90) 0 212 2882909 or 0 212 2882773

Afrodit Market
Address: Sogutlucesme cad. Karadut Sok. no:2 kat:2 Altiyol- Kadikoy/Istanbul (Asian part of Istanbul)
Phone: (+90) 0 216 3451778
Erotic materials shop. 



Shopping Areas in Istanbul

Istanbul has been a shopper's paradise for more than 1,500 years, famed as the trading point connecting the Silk Road from China with Europe. Here are major shopping spots of Istanbul

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar Video

The Grand bazaar (Locally known as Kapali Carsi-Covered Bazaar) is a labyrinth of hundreds of streets accommodating thousands of shops near the old city. Main entrance of the bazaar is from Beyazit district. Grand Bazaar could mainly be recommended for tourist shopping or buying souvenirs. Shops selling same kind of products are gathered along the same street usually. For example, there are streets composed of shops selling only leather, carpets, jewelers, silver, tourist souvenirs, handcrafts, textile products, bags, belts, pottery etc.

Sultanahmet is the town at the heart of the old city housing the most famous tourist attraction of Istanbul. The town is also famous with many carpet shops exhibiting the best selections of hand made Turkish carpets, rugs and kilims. Traditional Turkish carpets are most famous in the world with their designs reflecting the pure and innocent feelings of the eastern people. Some of these carpets are masterpieces of art competing with the paintings of Renaissance painters. One thing you should pay attention if you buy carpets is that, the shops can overcharge independent travelers, and some people (such as hotel receptions) helping you takes high commissions if they take you to some shops.  We recommend classic private tours organized by Pride Travel exclusively for gay people to avoid being overcharged during any kind of shopping.

Istiklal Caddesi
The central street of the town of Beyoglu, starting from Taksim square, ending at Tunel district. This street is closed to the traffic all the way and divides the night life area into two, where most of the gay venues are also dotted around. The shops along the street are mostly dress shops selling fashion products of different kind and quality. There are also various restaurants, a few leather shops, bookshops, music shops along the street. The night life is mainly on the narrow side streets connecting to Istiklal.


Turkish Carpet's are unique in the world

Cukurcuma is a part of Beyoglu district that sometimes fell prey to time but always regained its popularity. Even if it is known as a center where old objects of the Ottomans are collected, it is actually the meeting point for antique lovers While walking around Cukurcuma you see that each antique shop has a different style. Designs of shops and objects reveal inner worlds of their owners. At the same time periodical changes in Cukurcuma cause changes in objects that are purchased and sold. Click here for Google map locating Cukurcuma street

The up-market shopping district of Istanbul. You can find the most famous brand names of the world such as Mango, Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss as well the most trendy local fashion shops competing with them in quality and style in this area. Neighborhood of Tesvikye/Nisantasi is where Turkey’s top designers have their outlets. Good streets to try are those around Valikonagi Caddesi and Abdi Ipekçi Caddesi. Turkey is a major textile producer and exporter in the world. Many of the international brand-names are also being produced in their factories in Turkey.

Shopping Malls

There are many shops and fashion boutiques at different malls in several districts. In these malls you can easily find modern shopping items at very attractive rates besides well-known brands from fashion centers of the world.

Istinye Park: Istinye Park is a deluxe shopping center over international standards, located in the Istinye quarter of Istanbul, with 291 stores, 85,250 sqm of retail area, and four levels of underground parking. The center includes an authentic Turkish food bazaar- a traditional market place, inspired by Turkish architecture and history.

City's: City's Nisantasi, opened in 2008, is a Saks Fifth Avenue style shopping mall which aims at the high-end consumer group and is mostly dedicated to the famous fashion brands.
: Akmerkez is located near Etiler district, favorite residential area among the elites of Istanbul. In 1995, ICSC honored Akmerkez with the "European Shopping Center" The Akmerkez complex covers an area of 180,000 m² and is comprised of a four-storey shopping area, with two towers offering 14 and 17 stories of office space, and a third tower with 24 stories of residential areas

Kanyon Shopping Mall

Kanyon: Kanyon Shopping Mall is located at 4. Levent quarter. Fourth Subway station from Taksim. Right at the heart of Istanbul’s hustle and bustle, a new concept has awakened, turning heads, inspiring gasps of wonder, and changing notions of what contemporary urban life can look like. Kanyon’s four winding retail levels offer unique views of a shifting landscape as well as a passageway to some of the world’s best brands. It is defines as modern Grand Bazaar by some people.
Metrocity: Metrocity, opened on April 30, 2003, is a modern shopping mall in the finance and business quarter of 1. Levent in Istanbul, Turkey with a direct connection to 1. Levent subway station. (4th station from Taksim) The complex is comprised of a 24-storey office tower and two residential buildings, each having 26 floors. Metrocity features 140 stores offering international and domestic labels, variety of restaurants and cafeterias on 4 floors with a covered area of 60,000 m²
Profilo: Located in Mecidiyekoy district. The Profilo Shopping Center which comprises a large number of facilities, from food to apparel, from stationery to jewelry stores, and from souvenir shops to banks, is rendering services to its visitors in a closed area of 100.000 m2 in Mecidiyekoy
Cevahir: Cevahir Shopping Centre, opened on October 15, 2005, is a modern shopping and entertainment center located in the Mecidiyekoy district of Istanbul, Turkey. Cevahir Mall is the largest shopping mall in Europe, and the second largest shopping mall in the world.1. It has a direct connection from the second subway station (Mecidiyekoy/Sisli) when you depart from Taksim. Cevahir is attracting the middle class and younger people, more.


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